the book

If you showed a caveman a flashlight, he would make you a king.
So what would he make you if you showed him curly fries?

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Since the dawn of time, one question has consumed the imagination: Who wins the internet? For a while it seemed to be cats and dancing hamsters. Then along came mega-bookstores, online auctions, and an endless barrage of fashionable influencers. But eventually one star rose to overshadow all others, dominate the web, and redirect the course of human development—and it does not share the spotlight. 

From beneath us they grow.
From around us they influence.
From above us they harvest.
Revolution will be instant.

Godsquatter explores the world of trendy memes, celebrity culture and starchy addiction while asking the really big questions: Why do we love the things we love? Why’s the world so messed up all the time? And what would YOU do for a tater tot?

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From the blog…

2020 - @BuzzFeed, purveyor of personality evaluation tools like Monica vs Rachel and Which #savedbythebell character are you, leaves professional psychologists sobbing in its wake as it achieves peak scientific perfection: What Kind of Potato Are You?

2020 - While the world was distracted by #COVID #murderhornets #bushfires #riots #elections #KobeBryant #Brexit #Cats and #toiletpaper, everyone missed the REAL news as a French kitchen became ground zero for the #invasion. https://t.co/4tS6r3hGVi https://t.co/IvgvhnR1kI godsquatter photo
2021 - @Hasbro announces that #MrPotatoHead will be going gender neutral, much akin to real #potatoes. Also #turnips. https://t.co/rtVUXe1RRg
1976 - #Shortselling, #marketmanipulation, #billionaires screwing everyone? No, it's not the #Reddit #Gamestop fiasco, it's the Maine #Potato War, which devastated markets and forced investors to focus on far less corruptible (wink wink) oil and petroleum.
2021 - Godsquatter gains its 42nd Twitter follower in @MaxymReva 🙂 If you love #potatoes, and you know the significance of #42, then you'll feel right at home here. And if you don't get the 42 thing, that's ok, we still have potatoes.